Ski-Mountaineering Mt. Rishiri, Japan

February 10-15, 2020

$3000 USD includes: lodging, breakfast, ground transportation, snowmobile use and 2 guides.

Mt Rishiri  is a uniquely steep and isolated rugged mountain near Hokkaido, Japan. This conical volcano dominates the island of Rishiri off of the north-west coast of the main Hokkaido island. 

This tour is different from a typical 'Japow' Hokkaido experience. The island of Rishiri is a rural community with a number of small towns lining the coast. The mountain is massive and has many faces/aspects to climb and ski. Our main objective is to summit Mt Rishiri (1,72 m/5646ft) on one day during the trip.  This is a big summit day push of 1,400m/4500ft.

We will travel to Rishiri by ferry or plane from Hokkaido; once there, we will have 5 days to attempt to summit and ski off the mountain. During the winter months, Rishiri is quiet and we will be staying in a modest guest house.  Each day we will be using snowmobiles to travel across the flats before we access Rishiri National Park, where we will begin and end our skinning.

During this trip you should be prepared to experience all different types of snow conditions. We will likely use ski crampons and possibly boot crampons and ice axe as the wind and Maritime snowpack can be firm in the alpine. The exact itinerary can and will change depending on weather and conditions. A strong ski touring background is important; ski mountaineering experience is not necessary.  

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