Ski Hut Trips

High up in rugged drainages above Aspen, in places like Castle Creek, Hunter Creek, Woody Creek and the Fryingpan, is a network of backcountry huts, or cabins, available for rental throughout the ski season from the 10th Mountain and Braun hut associations.

Now, we're not talking about some decrepit plywood shacks here. No, some of the local huts' outhouses are so charming, in fact, that they have been featured in prominent publications. Some huts are comparatively easy to get to and sleep 16, and others are decidedly harder and sleep six; some approach routes skirt avalanche terrain, while others drive directly through it.

So, want to get away from the commotion of life? Wake up to a wood-burning fire & then ski tour all day long in a beautiful backcountry setting, then come home to après ski in your own historic hut?  Backcountry skiing up to one of the huts, where one might enjoy a glowing fire all weekend — along with exquisite alpine fare and choose-your-adventure ski touring right out the front door — is the essence of what people are talking about when they describe, with enthusiasm and perhaps awe, "The Hut Trip Experience."

You can choose from several tiers – from fully catered start to finish with gear included, or simply book the guide itself. Single night to multi-day - multi-hut trips available. Huts fill fast so book quickly! Here at Aspen Expeditions, we have have been guiding clients of varying abilities and ambitions up to the huts for more than 35 years, since the first huts were built. Hut trips are fully customizable and options exist for multi-day outings and adventurous hut-to-hut traverses as well.

Check out our different types of hut trips below. Please contact us via phone at 970-925-7625 or email/form for more information and to schedule a hut trip for you and your party.